Incorporated in 2005, Business Excellence Institute (BEI) is working to promote excellence in the organizations for the benefit of society. BEI offers Leadership Excellence Programs for developing one million leaders in the country and enable them to shape the future of the organizations for better tomorrow.
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Incorporated in 2009, with an objective to develop Innovative technology solutions for better living. Cityland Technologies works with a passion to deliver quality products and services in Software Development, Rich Internet and Mobile Applications Development, Graphic Design, Web Hosting and Cloud Computing Services to clients worldwide.
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Incorporated in 2008, the company objective is to build City Infrastructure for Better Living. Cityland is working with an aim to provide Professional Real Estate and Property Management Services across all towns and villages in India through network of 100000 cityland certified agents and business partners to achieve the market leadership
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Incorporated in 2010, with an objective to facilitate “Employment for all” citizens in need of work across India by setting up a Humancapital Employment Centres in every village. Human Capital is planning to setup one employement center for every 10000 people and work to provide personalized HR Services
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Citymedia India Private Limited
Incorporated in 2009, with a vision to be the preferred media partner of choice for every human. Citymedia offers trusted and reliable media platforms for Businesses and social communications across the world.

Citymedia focuses on Internet and Mobile Media along with traditional Print, Outdoor, Broadcasting and Entertainment, other Platforms
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Amulya Wellness Private Limited
Incorporated in 2010, to bring preventive healthcare, and affordable healthcare facilities and wellness services throughout India

Amulya Wellness Gold – family membership card is aimed at making healthcare consultation services free across the country for all the families with additional support services available on telephone, Mobile, Internet, Live Video 24 X 7 across India with support of network of thousands of doctors and healthcare specialists
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Abhinav Bharat Education Private Limited
Incorporated in 2010, with an objective to deliver quality education services across India in all regional languages and make primary and secondary education almost free online across the country using internet and mobile delivery platforms.

Abhinav Bharat Education develops quality content and makes it available to all the children in the country.
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Citycare BPO Services Private Limited
Incorporated in 2010, to establish and deliver a trusted consumer and business support services in every city in India.

Citycare BPO offers 200 plus consumer and business support services with quality and service guarantee at pre defined prices through dedicated and certified partner network.
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Cityclub Resorts Private Limited
Incorporated in 2011, to bring leisure, accommodation, food, and family entertainment services to all citizens at affordable manner across the country. Cityclub membership card offer the benefits to the entire family and their next generations the access to City clubs facilities across the country in 10000 locations in India and give them opportunity for all the family members to travel across the country, stay affordably with all the comfort and warmth
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Citysports Entertainment Private Limited
Incorporated in 2011, to develop Sports Talent, Sports Club and Sports infrastructure, make a sport an integral part of promoting the physical and mental well being of Indians.

Citysports also aims to develop minimum 100 Olympic champions from India by identifying Sports Talent and enabling them to conquer the world in chosen sport through provision of infrastructure and support services in partnership with sponsors, business partners and government
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Abhinav Bharat Capital
Established in 2012, Aim to raise capital from various investment sources and to setup fund and to support the Abhinav Bharat Group of companies and their Partner Companies to execute the projects with right funding support, and to deal with investors professionally and to advise them to gain high return on Investment.

Abhinav Bharat Capital aims to support million entrepreneurs in India across the country.
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Abhinav Bharat Insurance
Established in 2012, Aim to provide insurance advisory services to entire India covering Life, accident, Engineering, Health, Liability, Marine, Motor, Property, Travel and Rural insurance for individuals and corporate.

Abhinav Bharat Insurance aim to provide 50000 jobs across India in Insurance and advisory services.
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Abhinav Bharat Partners
Established in 2012, with an aim to Identify, Select, Develop and manage collaborative business partners across India and to help them to succeed in association with Abhinav Bharat Group of Companies.

Abhinav Bharat Partners also offers business expansion Services throughout India and worldwide in the form of development of franchisees, Agents, Partners, Stockists, Distributors, Dealers, Representatives for various business ventures within or outside of Abhinav Bharat Group of Companies.
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Abhinav Global Traders
Established in 2012, with focus to bring quality products to consumers to their door step from the worldwide Sourcing and supply network. The company deals in whole sale market and trades internationally on all kinds of Products, Materials, Metals, Resources, and Technologies, and bring to the customers the best in the market at fair value.
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Citystar Transport Logistics
Established in 2012, with aim to set up India wide Transportation and logistics Services from any location to any location in the country covering Material handling, Production, packaging, inventory, transportation, warehousing, Security and delivery network to support any consumers and businesses with quality, reliability to the satisfaction.
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Amulya Retail
Established in 2012, aims to bring quality products to the common man across the country through specialized stores and multi brand super stores run by business partners.

Amulya retail also provide online stores for every category of product and also offers unique facility for every family to setup their own store in their chosen product categories and enable them to offer services to entire India.
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Abhinav Agro Ventures
Established in 2012, with focus to develop a system to source, Procure, store, process, distribute all kinds of Agriculture products to benefit the farmer’s community India wide. Abhinav Agromarkets aim to ease the pressure on 500 million farmer communities India wide and enable them to earn better for their produce

Abhinav Agro ventures also provide a online procurement platform to trade the agriculture produce India wide at better market prices.
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Abhinav Bharat Industries
Established in 2012, with focus to mass produce the Creative and Innovative Products using latest technologies and make them available in large scale for the use and benefit of Society.

Abhinav Bharat Industries will setup various plants based on the products and their demand across the country in association with business partners across the country.
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Hima Arts
Established in 2012, with aim to promote various Arts including Culture, Music, Entertainment, Dance, Paintings, Creativity of Individuals worldwide.

Hima Arts will bring to the world the best of Indian Art and culture, entertainment, history, and will influence the future generations to think more creatively and contribute to the well being of society.
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