Entrepreneur’s Message

We are a country of over 1.25 Billion People and growing rapidly every second, and more than half of the citizens are unemployed or self employed in various unorganised sectors.  As an entrepreneur if I have to work on any idea or product which is worthy enough in the current scenario, where real solution to problems can be provided to keep the wishes of Indians satisfied and where I can give my life time to achieve, the only thing that stood out tall was “Sustainable Job Creation for Millions of People while delivering high quality products and Services”. 

No Idea has come very close to this in my evaluation and analysis and I am sure nothing will come close to this in the future also, other than saving lives of people on this earth along with maintaining Honour, Pride, Safety, security of the Country and its People

As an entrepreneur, I strongly believe, I have a meaningful objective at my hand, so I have decided to contribute as much as I can, and committed my life to achieve this objective of “Create over One Million Jobs in India by 2025 and work to bring happiness to billions of people lives”

As an entrepreneur, I always felt responsibility towards all stakeholders involved, and feel accountable to create a superior value for all our Customers, Employees, Investors, and Partners by utilizing the available resources optimally to deliver quality products and services to achieve better life and to bring happiness to billions of people lives.

As an entrepreneur, I always want to be fair in all decisions and actions based on the factual information, I always give high priority to the larger interest of Indian society first, before putting self Interest or any individuals interest involved in that process, I judge my ethics, values based on the prism of vision achievement in the larger interest of society, even though they go against established business rules some time and I take a courage to rewrite the rules as required in the process.

As a first time entrepreneur, born and brought up in a village in a small farmer family, taught and guided by highly respectable teachers at School, College and IIT, having worked with highly qualified professional teams at domestic and Multinational organizations, travelled internationally, well supported by family and friends, I strongly feel, positioned right with single point vision to take this “One Million Jobs Creation project “successfully forward towards the last milestone on time and within budget with performance excellence.

I have incorporated the Abhinav Bharat Group of companies as means to realize the vision and collectively all the companies share the objective of sustainable Job Creation in important economic sectors with right balance to create superior value.

As an entrepreneur, I am fully aware the objective at my hand demand contributions from millions of people, and it is my duty to invite every one of you to share the vision commonly and be part of this larger objective achievement as investors, partners, employees and customers.  At the moment, all companies are open for investments from strategic partners and anchor investors and all companies are actively looking for bright minds to join the team as partners.

On behalf on Abhinav Bharat group of companies, I make a promise to create  a superior value and return on your money Investment, knowledge and time Investment  by making this group of companies successful in objective achievement collectively by 2025 with one Million People working with satisfaction and bringing happiness to billion of people lives.

Yours truly
Srinivasarao Kanneganti

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Group of Companies
  • Business Excellence Institute Private Limited
  • Cityland infrastructure India Private Limited
  • Cityland Technologies Private Limited
  • Citymedia India Private Limited
  • Amulya Wellness Private Limited
  • Abhinav Bharat Education Private Limited
  • Citycare BPO Services Private Limited
  • Humancapital Management Private Limited
  • Cityclub Resorts Private Limited
  • Citysports Entertainment Private Limited
  • Abhinav Bharat Insurance
  • Abhinav Bharat Capital
  • Abhinav Bharat Partners
  • Abhinav Global Traders
  • Abhinav Agro Ventures
  • Abhinav Bharat Industries
  • Hima Arts
  • Amulya Retail
  • Citystar Transport Logistics
Non Profit Business
  • Abhinav Bharat University
  • Great Indian Foundation

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